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National Forecast and Current Conditions

November 08, 2022

A look at the national current conditions and forecast is found below.

First, here is the current radar, satellite and temperatures for the contiguous United States and then the forecast maps follow below. 

Current Radar

The radar map above shows where any rain, snow, freezing rain or sleet is currently falling.

(MAP: National Interactive Radar)

Infrared Satellite

The enhanced satellite is shown above. The brighter yellow and orange colors indicate colder (and higher) cloud tops.

(MAP: National Interactive Satellite)

Current Temperatures

Current temperatures across the contiguous United States are shown above.

Below are the latest forecast maps, including precipitation, high and low temperatures, thunderstorms and snowfall. 

Forecast Weather and Highs

Forecast high temperatures and weather are found in the map above.

Forecast Weather and Lows

Forecast low temperatures and weather are found in the map above (usually occurs in the morning).

Thunderstorm Forecast

The thunderstorm forecast is shown above. Red areas (if any) on the map above indicate areas with the best chance of severe thunderstorms - thunderstorms producing wind gusts of at least 58 mph, hail at least 1 inch in diameter, or a tornado. Orange areas could see thunderstorms but have a minimal threat of severe weather.

48-Hour Rain and Snow Forecast

The above map shows the rain and snow forecast for the next 48 hours.

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